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Relocating in the same province...do I need to do anything?

Do I have to change my number if I move from one city to another in my own province? I have the Canada-Wide Data Double 60 plan. The only people who call me have Canada wide calling. Can I still call from anywhere in my province under this plan?

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1. You do not have to change your number, no matter where you move to in Canada. 2. You can call from anywhere in Canada and nothing changes. As long as your call is made on the Koodo network, your calls are unlimited. 3. If you've set up automatic payments via credit card (or receive paper billing), make sure you update your billing address information.
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No you do not have to change your number. Because you and the people who call you have Canada wide calling you can receive or call any other canadian number while in Canada for no extra long distance charges. The only time this affects people is if you meet a local who wants to call you. They may be charged Canadian long distance to call you (depends on their phone plan).
Dennis wrote:

No you do not have to change your number. Because you and the people who call you have Canada wi...

thank you very much for the clarification...is greatly appreciated!
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Yup you can. But where you are moving if you want a local number you can change it on self serve. Keep in mind whoever is calling you because your # isn't based on that city the end user moght get charged long distance if they don't have coverage for this. Overall, good idea to change y our telephone # to a local # so people can call you locally free of charge.
It's beyond me why you aren't able to simply port your number to a new locality.. Why should I have to change my phone number of 4 years simply because I move towns - these are 'MOBILE' devices after all.. alternatively, how about everyone drop the LD bs?..
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Because that's unfortuantely the way telephony services developed in Canada/US. Most other places have no local phone numbers, but rather your "area code" is a "provider code" instead. I still have my old Mtl number even tho I'm in Toronto and other places now. No point in changing in my case because I won't be able to cover all areas. Plus I lucked out and got an easy number to recall. I got Fongo to have a Toronto number just in case. I'm content.