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Regionality of Phone

I am moving, and am looking to get a new phone/plan as part of that. My current home address is in one city, but I would like the phone to be local to Halifax (where I am moving to), so that my colleagues are dialing local when they contact me. I do not have a permanent address in Halifax yet. Is there a problem, or something special I would need to do for that?

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If they call you from a local # they won't be charged long distance. If you have someone locally call you to where you are moving they will get charged long distance if they aren't covered with their phone plan.
So is there a way to get a local Halifax number?
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If you're still within the same province, just sign into self serve and pick a new number under the mobile phone tab (note: option two on this page is just to port a number from another provider, not to choose whatever number you want). There is nothing requiring your address and number to be in the same city.
Perfect, thanks.