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Regarding trying, as a longtime customer, to pay online for the first time, due to the pandemic.

  • 23 April 2020
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Not sure this’s really a “new topic” - but I do need help, please!

Until the pandemic struck, I went to the koodo kiosk in the mall and paid my bill with my visa card and got a paper receipt. Now I urgently need to pay online, right?

The site is not very helpful regarding my username, email and password for that email. How do I register to pay my bill online? It’s urgent and stressful, as I am undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and still do some work with clients online, via my trusty, ancient but reliable Koodo Android cellphone. But I have a very low threshold for stress right now - and get tearful and frustrated, too easily when I feel helpless - as I’m now beginning to do. I do understand that I’m no-one special in the big picture, but I want to solve this a.s.a.p.

I’ve got an old paper receipt but it only gives my account number, name , but not the email I gave (but which is the main one I’ve used for years) Neither will the site accept my current password for that email.

What should I do?

2 replies

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There are a number of ways to pay your bill, even if you can’t login to your account. Use of 611 and your credit card would be one option.


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I am sorry to hear about your condition, I hope you are getting well very soon.

Are you a prepaid or postpaid customer?

If you want a way to pay quickly, you can pay via your Koodo phone. You can dial 611, the option for paying with a credit card should show up. For postpaid it is number 3. You can pay from there.

Regarding the online payment, you need access to your selfserve to pay it online. If you don’t have access to it (I assumed you didn’t recall the password), you can reset the password there. You could also pay via your online banking if you know your Koodo account number.

However, self-serve access is important as you can check your usage and monitor all of the charges from Koodo. I would suggest you try to get access to it.