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Referral Credits Expired Code???

  • 9 April 2015
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I referred a friend to join koodo. I completed the referral link a few months ago and she finally went to London Drugs yesterday to buy the phone and get a plan. She provided the code I had provided so I would get the Tab credits and the person there said that it had expired and for her to go to the koodoreferral.com link to get a new referral code and to contact koodo to provide the new code but of course it won't allow us to do it because the new referral code came after she set up the new account. What gives? I can provide the old referral code and the new one... Anybody know how I can get the credits? 😞

2 replies

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Your best luck would be to probably call Koodo and ask them directly (*611 from you mobile). As the code expired, depending on when it expired they may allow you to use it and apply it manually, however if it expired a while ago then your probably out of luck.
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Referral codes expire after 30 days, after which time they cannot be used. Also new referrals cannot be submitted until their site is updated 😞 It says it should be completed by Spring 2015http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-s...