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Referral bonus -- Gone?

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I have a friend who is thinking of switching to Koodo. It looks like there is no longer a process to get an online referral bonus. Why should I bother to encourage her if neither she nor I will get a tangible recognition for it?

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Actually Elinor, if you actually went to the referall site, it clearly says: New referrals cannot be submitted until our site is updated. This should be completed by Spring 2015. Go to koodoreferral.com to redeem or check the status of your existing referral(s). That means that its just temporary. So wait and then refer your friend. And to answer your question as to why you should bother if you don't get anything out of it... My answer to that is wow, I would not want a friend who only helps me out when there is something in it for them.
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I read this. Unfortunately, it is unhelpful. My friend wants to take advantage of the $45 promo which ends May 3. If there is anything "clearer" that Koodo wishes to offer rather than "Spring 2015" it would be useful. Otherwise, my friend and I will give it a pass and wait until Koodo is ready to welcome new customers.
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Actually, Ahmad, I must say I am surprised by the rudeness of your answer which I just reread this morning. Twice, since you posted it twice! It is out of character for a mobile master, imho. In fact, I would get nothing from the referral since I have paid off my tab and am enjoying the BYOD discount. However the referral program is an incentive program for both current Koodo customers and people considering switching to Koodo. Obviously I would like her to get the referral bonus if it is going to be available. That's what a friend does.
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Elinor wrote:

Actually, Ahmad, I must say I am surprised by the rudeness of your answer which I just reread thi...

Actually, Ahmad did not post twice. Enough folks like his answer that it became a promoted response. You also may wish to review the tone of your posts, if you are receiving answers which are unexpected.
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Depending on which device your friend wants, there will already more than likely be a.gift card with purchase. So its already a pretty rich offer. Past that, Koodo has just relaunched everything they do, and they are probably focusing on getting any remaining bugs out of the system for activations and all that before they worry about referrals. As they mention online, it should be back spring 2015. As for a specific date, Im guessing once they have a specific date, they will announce it to everyone.