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Refer a friend issue ignored for months

  • 21 November 2021
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So I referred my son to Koodo and he wanted to port/activate his phone asap, so I took him to a mall kiosk to get it done. The kiosk did their thing, so we thought and he got billed $40 for an activation. My son completed the back end referral process and we thought everything was good - apparently not! 

It turns out that the person at the kiosk removed the Rogers sim card from the phone before we got the chance to acknowledge the port request. So the port process never worked even though the kiosk put the Koodo sim in the phone. After a few days of the phone not working properly (no texts, no data etc.) we called Koodo and they did a new port while we were on the phone with the agent - this time the port worked.

Ultimately, my son got charged $40 for the failed kiosk visit and neither of us got the refer a friend credits either. I lodged a customer care complaint for this and was given a customer care issue number which has never been resolved either. Every time I ask for an update on the issue, I just get the run around saying they are checking in to it, but nothing gets resolved and I get the same lame response every time. So since that process has got me no where, I will go public with my issue and see if that finally gets a response from Koodo. As far as I am concerned, they should be refunding my son the $40 for the failed kiosk activation fee and make good on the refer a friend credits for the both of us. Your move, Koodo…

1 reply

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Did you follow the steps of referring https://choosehappy.koodomobile.com/refer/

Also, did you create separate account for your son or you simply added another line to the same account?

Anyway, For referral issue, you would have to contact the referral team directly. Follow this https://buyapowa-embedded-koodo.herokuapp.com/common/contact