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I was wondering if Koodo might have a phone recycling/donation program. If not, maybe it could work along these lines. Bring your phone in for recycling or donation and receive a small incentive (possibly in the form of a printable voucher online) maybe 15% off, toward the purchase of a new phone, or a credit of similar value applied to an existing account as a way of saying thank you. Apart from being a green initiative and ensuring that cell phones get properly recycled, the donation aspect of this idea could help those across the country who may be less fortunate. I've heard of a program here in the city where one can donate their phone to women's shelters, but I'm not sure if this is a localized program or if other towns, cities and provinces have adopted a similar measure. At times where part of the country may be experiencing a natural disaster (thinking back to the flooding in Alberta earlier this year), Koodo could amass a stockpile of donated devices. Once they've been inspected and or refurbished, the phones could be distributed in the event of such an occurrence. Distribution could be handled by The Red Cross or Canadian Forces reservists. I'm guessing 'cost' will rear its ugly head, so to absorb some of the out of pocket expenses, perhaps Koodo could enlist volunteers to go about refurbishing or recycling devices. Where do we store all these devices? I haven't figured that one out yet. It's inevitable that there will be some inherent costs involved, but since this is somewhat of a charitable venture, surely some of the expenditures could be written off as such. Revenue can still be generated, just not during an emergency. For those that may be less fortunate, they may go the route of prepaid for example. Just an idea, thoughts welcomed.

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Koodo does have a trade in program at all kiosks. Value of the phone depends on the model but we also simply recycle phones that have no trade in value. They also sometimes do promos where you will get $50 trade in value with a coupon that gets sent to select customers as for how the customers are chosen I'm unsure and for while there was a $50 trade in promo for CDMA devices.
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Found this as well, thanks for the reply Vanessa. [i]"Koodo has teamed up with eRecyclingCorps to add a little more value to planet Earth. Every time you drop off a phone with a $0 trade-in value, Koodo will happily make a donation to Tree Canada that will go towards planting a tree. You're welcome, planet Earth".
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Found this as well, thanks for the reply Vanessa. [i]"Koodo has teamed up with eRecyclingCorps...

Even better that I didn't know!!