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  • 8 March 2023
  • 5 replies

Need to put back my services on as my account was cancelled. Please help. No phone to use at the moment. 

5 replies

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Has your account been suspended just recently for non-payment?

Are you able to call 611 with the suspended line to make payment arrangements?

It's all been cleared. I don't owe them now. I just need to have the services back as the account was cancelled for non payment not suspended 

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I’m still not sure what you mean. If your account was cancelled, it’s gone for good. Can you still call #227 from your phone? If so, then you can ask them to reinstate you. If not, you lost your number and account I’m afraid.

That means starting a fresh? I'm I still able to request for same number?

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You’d have to start afresh with a new number.