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recognition program for employees who contribute to the koodo community

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I know of at least 5 koodo employees who are regular contributors on these forums, and while I understand why we are not eligible for the mobile masters program or for other giveaways, it would be nice if there was a similar recognition program for koodo employees. The criteria would likely be the same as for the mobile masters, although the perqs would obviously be somewhat different.

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That "prodigy" title isn't enough?
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I know the mobile masters have a little banner above their avatar, it would be nice if employees had one as well. I know that is not what you meant, but it would explain why sometimes answers are given (when people announce they are leaving Koodo) such as "Is there anything we can do, is it something we said, don't you realize how awesome Koodo's plans are?" etc... this is plain odd coming from a fellow forum participant, but understandable when said by an employee. Now that I hijacked your thread, let me get back to your suggestion and say I agree 100%! Bring on the perks for awesome employees, Koodo 😃
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Just posting to be the GENIUS outsider 😛 I don't care about points
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I'd be happy with an El Tabador doll that is kissing his bicep. (Just because I haven't posted for awhile, doesn't me I am not lurking in the background. muahaha...HAHAHA..HAHA*cough* HA!)
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I completely agree on this for sure, you guys are truly employees that go above and beyond in your job & some kind of reward should be offered. Almost all you guys do an amazing job in the forum, keep up the great work guys.