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Recieving duplicate text messages?

Ive had this problem off and on with 2 phones now, and with 2 SIM cards. Why do i recieve sometimes only 2 but as many as 8 the other day, of the same text message with the same time and date from the same sender? my clock is often ahead of the time on the message when i recieve the duplicates. Why does this happen and what can i do to stop it? it happens with more than one contact. I was using the samsung evergreen, and have since migrated to an unlocked samsung captivate glide, on a new SIM card. had this problem on both phones. Anything i can do?

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I'd give Koodo Tech support a call and they'll run through a list of things to fix the issue.
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For the people that you're messaging, do you happen to know who their carrier is? This is a common problem with any of my contacts on Rogers/Fido; I'll get duplicate texts from them every once in a while.
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It's possible that your phones are having a weakish connection to the network - enough to receive the message, but not enough for the network to know that you received the message so it sends it again. Generally refreshing your connection by putting you phone into airplane mode for ten seconds fixes issues like this.