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Receiving notifications from another facebook account that isn't mine

Hi, I need your help. I have a new phone number and I've received a lot of notifications coming from another facebook account that isn't mine. Can you please disassociate my phone number from that account my name is Fabiola. Thankyou

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What happens when you try to associate your cell phone number to your facebook account? Does it tell you that number is already associated to another FB account? If so, my advise would be for you change your cell phone number on Koodo SS, because apparently the person who had your number before, left it attached to his/her FB account and you can't detach that unless you do it from that person's FB profile.
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Fabiola. Never heard of such a problem. Are you connected on FB with your account? Maybe someone left his account connected on your phone?
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Someone else had this issue before. Maybe the solution by Quasarito is worth a try http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/why_do_i_keep_getting_facebook_friend_requests_from_strangers_to_my_text
It worked! when I linked my facebook account to my phone number it stopped! Thankyou e-wizard and everybody! 🙂