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Reactivating Koodo mobile service after unlocking phone and using another service provider while travelling in USA.

I unlocked my Samsung Galaxy Ace 11 cell with a Koodo unlock code in January 2014 when travelling in the USA for the winter. I was using AT&T service for the winter months (I removed my Koodo SIM, replaced it with an AT&T SIM card and activated service. Now that I am back in Canada, I would like to re-activate my Koodo service. How do I do this? Do, I just need to switch out SIM cards again? Will I have the same number as before? I have continued preauthorized payments on my monthly Koodo plan and tab all along. Peter

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Hi Sandra (or Peter) 🙂 Yep, if you kept your plan active, all you need to do is switch back to your Koodo SIM and everything should still be there, your number, plan etc 🙂
Thank you so much Sophia for your advice. I will try it. Sandra ..... not Peter ........ this time : )