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Reactivating a new phone with new sim # online

  • 15 September 2022
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Phone got stolen on Sat.

Got Koodo callback on Tues to deactivate phone.

Have another phone I could reactivate to use.

Went to store and they installed sim card  in my new  phone.

Gave me a koodo sim card # and said I must go to self serve online to put in that long sim # to activate my phone.

Went to self serve online and it gave me no option to put new sim #, just an option to reactivate my deactivated phone.

Only and option to say that I found my original phone to reactiavte it again, which isn’t the case its still stolen, but I have another phone now to activate in its place.

Forced to click that I found my phone to reactivate in order to use my new sim #

Account is not taking off the “deactivated” sign to input my sim #

Only option now is to get another callback to get a rep to help deactivate my acct and that will be in 2 days from now.

On my original call I asked if they could just take my sim # over the phone to activate my new phone and rep insisted that it must be done on self serve under “devices” or something to input sim # and that doesn’t exist except to say that I found my phone which isn’t the case, and when I do it doesn’t reactivate anyways.

Now I’m being told by store that I must get another call back to add my new phone which takes 2 days.

Is this a dream? Is it that hard to get another phone activated online or over the phone with a rep with my new sim card # because my phone is gone and I will be without an active phone 6 days later, 6 days? Really? Without a phone for 6 days.

To start using my new phone do I need to go to another provider to take care of this so I can start talking to my family, friends, and work again? What about checking all my missed calls and voicemails because people don’t know whats happening to me and where I am.  I’m in Thunder Bay, and my family and friends are in Mississauga. They cant connect with me until a week later? And that’s assuming that the rep on Friday cause solve my problem, because I’m in the exact same position now and the rep said it can only be done online. Didn’t work. And now I have to go back to a rep and see what their going to do differently or just send me back online.

I feel like I have no other option to get my phone going now by switching providers, or I wait till Friday and will be without a phone for 6 days.

6 days guys, 6 days….. 


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Which store did you go to? was a Koodo kiosk or Telus one? Normally you could change your SIM card there as long as you have proper ID.