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Reactivate my old phone

  • 21 October 2013
  • 8 replies

My current phone is not working anymore. I was wondering if I can reactivate my old LG VX VX9100 ENV2. I dont want any of the touch screen phones, i'd rather get my old keyboard phone reactivated! Thanks

8 replies

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Only if its a koodo phone and if your on postpaid, just input the IMEI # where youd usually put the SIM Card # in self serve or call customer service. Its free on self serve but theres a charge if you call for them to do it. if not then no you cant. Keep in mind that even if you can you wont be able to by 2015 as they will be shutting down their CDMA network which is what that phone uses.
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If you really want a keyboard and don't want to go back to older technology, I highly recommend seeking out a BlackBerry Q10 or grabbing Koodo's Q5. I have experience with the Z10 and Q10 and both are solid devices and a blast to use. The Q5 has a physical keyboard as well as a touch screen. You may find it fits your wants while keeping you in today's technology. Price isn't too bad either.
@ Paul Deschamps Thank you for your tips. The only thing is that my phone seems to be identified by an MEID number and not a IMEI number...Koodo won't let me proceed with this type of number. Is there a way to find a IMEI number with the MEID?
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@ Paul Deschamps Thank you for your tips. The only thing is that my phone seems to be identifi...There should be an SKU, SERIAL, HEX, should be numeric and letters! Take a picture on the back of your phone (remove battery) and i will tell you which one to use.
@ Chad Burr Yes i could get an other one for sure, but the point of all this is to get my older one back to work because its still working. Thanks anyway bud!
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Yes, you can do that. Self serve> Mobile phone > Swap mobile phone > Then, enter the serial number of your old phone. (I loved that phone, i still have one of those). Then dial from your LG 9100 *22803 to reprogram your phone. TELL ME IF IT WORKS!
Thanks a lot Xavier it worked so well! Yes i like this phone too, best ever made!
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I know! Its amazing for texting♥️