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Reactivate found tablet

  • 21 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Have found lost tablet would like reactivated and when checking bills I've been charged tab and Data services since I got this. I'm not very happy presently with this unknown cost and unannounced happening. I may Switch Service providers. 

2 replies

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Do you have a question or just posted this to complain?

Sadly, losing a tablet does not stop the plan… you should have cancelled it when you could no longer use it.

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Did you ever deactivate/cancel your plan or did you just report it as lost or stolen or something else?

By the sounds of it you never cancelled the plan and that’s why it’s still being charged and therefore you can just continue on using it now that you’ve found it. If you reported it as lost or stolen then you would have to contact customer service to have that reversed.