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range outside of winnipeg

I would love if koodo had a wider range of service outside of large cities, like during highway travel etc...

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More coverage would be nice but I honestly doubt that they would build more towers.
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MTS has coverage in MB because they own most of the towers. Rogers has coverage in MB because they signed an exclusive agreement to share MTS towers. Everyone else has to build their own. An average cell tower has a max range of about 20 miles, under ideal circumstances. This gives it a footprint of about 1256 mi². Since MB has an area of roughly 250,900 mi², this means that roughly 200 cell towers would be required for full coverage in MB, again under ideal circumstances. Each tower comes with a price tag of roughly $150,000.00, so building out the network is a rather significant expense and is certainly not going to happen all at once. The network is expanding, but it will be several years before there is anything close to solid coverage in anywhere but the most densely populated parts of the province.
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It would be nice to at least cover the Trans - Cananda Highway In MB