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Question about data usage

is it possible to stop things like facebook from syncing when data is turned on? I basically leave data off unless i want to send or recieve a photo message, in which case ill quickly turn it on, send or recieve, and turn it right back off. But somehow i got charged an extra $5 i think from facebook syncing one time when wireless wasnt available. (i didnt OPEN facebook, but a number appeared on the icon). Koodo has already fixed this, but im just wondering if there is some sort of setting i can change to allow data to only be used for photo messages?

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Sure. Depending on your phone you can set which apps can use your data For an iPhone you go to Settings>Cellular>Use Cellular Data For
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For an Android device, you would either have to turn sync off (depending on the device) or put it to a manual sync / lower rate of syncing.
Sync is already set to not automatic/disabled in my settings. while googling i found that someone said if you go into settings>more>mobile networks>access point names>pick Koodo (sp.koodo.com), and in there set APN type to only MMS. I havent done this yet as im afraid to mess up other aspects of my phone. right now its set to "internet+MMS" and the other options are only "internet" and only "MMS". does anyone have experience wth this?
tried going into the settings and picking "MMS" only under the APN type.... of course that meant nothing worked, not even MMS messages. very frusterating. if it wont work why is it an option in the first place?