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Quality control over the selection of the next mobile masters.

  • 5 December 2012
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I love the idea and the help you get from this community, but holy cow, sometimes the answers from the prodigies and the mobile masters are flat out useless, counter-productive or sometimes even stupid. Now, my idea is to apply a concept used in human resources to select either the employee of the month or to reward the employee which is doing a quality control of the work. This prevents selecting someone that seems to be good based on points or computer information to be selected over someone who actually produces well and goes over and beyond their expectations. Now I do not want to tell you how to do your job and it is not that I want to be a jerk or anything, but that would send the wrong message to the community if you selected the wrong person based on how many answers the person gave and not the quality of the answer the person has given.

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8 replies

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Many things are taken into account when selecting the Mobile Masters. It's not an easy process.
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Don't worry. The points are not the only factor that is included in deciding who is going to be the next Mobile Master. The most important thing is if they are helping frequently, they know their information, they are polite and professional and the QUALITY of their posts and answers. I said QUALITY, not QUANTITY. So just because you post a lot does not mean that you will be the Mobile Master!
I agree with the fact that sometimes the high ranked and mobile masters aren't always the most helpful... No offense you guys... but Most of the time I think the people do try their best to answer your questions and Apparently koodo does not just look at the amount of points you have. Koodo looks at many things! here are a few... -How professional your answers are -How helpful you are... ( badges ) -And how much you actually know about the topic.... I think that most of the time the high level people and mobile masters do do their best
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It has been stated more than once that being a Mobile Master is NOT based on points. But since you brought it up, can you please give me an example where the Mobile Masters have produced "useless, counter-productive or useless" answers? Excluding not knowing the answer to a question, of course. Links please. Answers have always been about quality and that's what we try to give. The Mobile Masters aren't Koodo employees and we aren't even "trained" on anything. ALL the information we provide comes straight from our own personal knowledge so none of the information we give is "computer information", even if it sounds like it.
It has been stated more than once that being a Mobile Master is NOT based on points. But sinc...And I believe you three mobile masters began helping out before there were even points... Goes to show that for the mobile masters at least that they do not do it just for points.
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It has been stated more than once that being a Mobile Master is NOT based on points. But sinc... We were all active before there was even a mobile masters program. btw some of us are active on other places as well. I'm kinda insulted to be honest. But for every detractor, there are at least 120 others who I've either helped or who liked my idea. after 1160 comments that's about 10%. I like that number. We try our best but I don't get everything right for sure. But I didn't get my stars by being wrong alot so it is what it is. As far as points, to the MM They are pointless, there is no higher rank than what we've achieved simply by trying to be helpful. Don't know what else to say to you. I don't wish to be an ungrateful sot.
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It has been stated more than once that being a Mobile Master is NOT based on points. But sinc...Ahhhh it's me! I did it. Yay http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/name_listed_on_call_display_the_option_to_do_it
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Mobile Masters are, IMHO, people who are passionate about technology and simply like to share what they read/know/discovered. Much like the geek in your family that fixes your computer on holidays, they do the best they can with what resources they have. And I like that! I find them helpful most of the time, and they always stay polite even though some user topics/comments would have you cover your face in shame. I like the Mobile Masters program the way it is right now. Current Masters do a fine job, and I'm sure the next round will do as well!