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Put the Myth to Rest That Cell Minute Cost

Be the first cellular company to admit that charging for 'minutes', 'texts' or 'long distance' is completely arbitrary and based on an old model. The same way we still talk about 'dialing' a number (rotary telephone), the use of restricted units (minutes, texts, etc) does not reflect the reality. Make a baseline, inexpensive, all-inclusive, unlimited, plan and you will convert all the competition.

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HUH?? You have no idea of the billions of dollars it takes to operate a wireless network in Canada. There are admittedly many legacy type billing practices. The carriers need to create revenue that exceeds their costs. Otherwise they wouldn't be in business. You can slice and dice it any way you want. Unlimited plans will get abused and data is the new wireless commodity. This is why you already see unlimited voice and text plans, but not data. For the second time I'm going to mention ARPU. Find a way to keep the network at or close to its current utilization and maintain the ARPU, or increase it and the shareholders will be very happy. Simple Marketing!