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Purchasing SIM card for unlocked phone

I have recently purchased a used unlocked phone which requires a different sim card than my current phone. If I pay off my tab and order the new sim online will I still be eligible for the 10% off my monthly bill? Also will the sim card in my old phone still be active and usable as a back up phone? E.G two phones on the same account? Thanks in advance

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You don't even need to pay off the Tab to use the new device since you bought it elsewhere - but if you want to you can, and yes you still qualify for the discount. Activate the new SIM on Self Serve, put it in the new phone, and voila. However, you can only have one active SIM at a time. Should the need to arise to use your old device, you can get another appropriately sized SIM activated, but that's about it.
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Yep once the tab is paid off, just call koodo to get the 10% monthly discount. The old sim card will only be usable as back up within 90 days so what you could do is swap sims on your self serve every once in a while to keep it active.
Once I have my new SIM is their any point in keeping my old SIM card? Like if I wanted to switch back to my old phone in the future would I be able to get the old one reactivated or would I have to get a new one anyway? Thanks for the help, I have only had the one phone so am not to savvy when it comes to stuff like this.