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Promote Celular based home phone alternative through Bluetooth based connect-to-cell home handsets

Many people have a cell phone and pay to have a home phone only because of tradition/habit/stigma.  Most people are not aware of bluetooth connect-to-cell cordless handsets that would allow people with cell phones to automatically switch over to a home handset when they come home.  These cordless handsets are inexpensive and common.  Panasonic, Uniden, Vtech, siemens are all readily available.

My proposal is for Koodo to not only promote the idea of a Koodo mobile based home phone but also supply connect-to-cell home phone equipment. 

The implementation would be as follows:

1) Koodo offers an unlimited talk mobile phone package as it currently does; but promotes
     the application of home phone service; which could potentially increase customer base
     by those wishing to save on monthly home landline service fees.

2) Koodo promotes and supplies bluetooth connect-to-cell handsets for home;
     which would save people home phone service and increase equipment sales revenues for

3) Offer incentives to switch to  Koodo mobile base home phone system like:
     - Free Canada-wide calling (not available on landlines)
     - Multiple cell lines on home handsets (ie... any cell phone in house can link to handsets)
     - Free call-display, voice mail, etc... normally available free services/addons
     - Free connect-to-cell home handset for new customers with 'tab'
     - Offer small cost increase to switch to unlimited talk plan.

4)  Optional:  Offer a home cell number that routes to any Koodo mobile cell number
       (if primary cell is not home, then spouses phone would activate over bluetooth connect-to-cell system at home)

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Most of this can be pieces together without Koodo's help, but it may be more convenient if Koodo packaged it together. One problem I've found with cell to cordless via bluetooth is mixed call quality results. I had a Blackberry curve that worked great, but the connection via an iPhone wasn't worth talking on. This was with a V-tech cordless phone that could support up to two simultaneous cell phones. I'm pretty sure Koodo won't want to deal with questions as to why one set-up works but another doesn't unless it will be worth it in terms of additional profits. I use a VOIP service to route my previous home phone number to a Koodo cell. That seems to work well.