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  • 10 November 2020
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I recently got a text from what I don’t believe was Koodoo. When I called the phone number attached to the text I got a man asking me for my phone number and my pin number for my account. I am pretty sure that any Koodoo employee would not need my pin number for my account. So I told him it was a scam and hung up. Was I right or wrong to assume that?


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13 replies

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You are wise not to give your pin to anyone you don’t entirely trust. I personally don’t call numbers back unless I am absolutely sure they belong to the company I wish to speak to!

That said, if the number was genuine, then yes, for any changes Koodo makes you would indeed need to provide your PIN number… otherwise anyone could call on your behalf and change or even steal your account.

What was the number you were given to call?

Hi Sophia thanks for your response.  The number was 18772625025 but a red flag came up. I don't think I was talking to Koodoo at all.

Oh and BTW I wasn't told what promo was being offered so no changes were to be made. It was suspicious to say the least. 

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I have asked our liaison at Koodo if that is a genuine number. Hang tight, you’ll get your answer soon :)

Thanks Sophia!

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I/we heard back from Koodo, and the number is indeed genuine. It’s a number specific to sales support, the agents can not assist with anything other than helping explain the offer that was provided and/or help with redeeming the offer you got.

So if you received an offer that you like, you can definitely call that number and give your pin when requested :)

Thanks Sophia.  My concern is why I wasn't told what the offer was before being asked for a pin and. That pin number lets them into my sim card if I am reading right. So why is that necessary I have never had to give that number to koodo ever. The offer should be told first so I can make my mind up if I want to proceed with it. So that's why I got suspicious.  Thanks for your assistance on this and stay safe.

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Oh you did the right thing asking here, there are so many scams around these days. And you are correct that giving your PIN in combination with your number could indeed lead to fraud if that was given to a scammer. But you can rest assured that in this case, it’s safe to give it out, otherwise the agent would not be able (allowed) to assist you because he/she couldn’t be sure that you are indeed the account owner.

Yes indeed there are scams going on. But how do I know the number hasn't been spoofed by that person.  Not sure the gamble to see what the offer is, is worth it. Can I change my pin afterwards somehow?

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Of course, you can change your PIN as often as you like. However spoofers are only able to imitate outgoing numbers (so that some random number shows up on your display when they call you). When you call a number yourself though, you can be sure that you are actually talking to the correct party.

But yes, if it makes you feel more secure, by all means change your PIN afterwards. Better safe than sorry!

Ok great. How do I change my pin?

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I’m not sure exactly where, but it’s in self serve somewhere. Holler if you can’t find it and someone will give you more details :grinning:

I found it. Its in my profile so all good.  Thanks again Sophia.  Muchlt appreciate your assistance.  Have a great night. Cheers.