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Profile Change and billing

Hello, I set-up my account tonight and was told that my plan was only going to cost me $27 + Tax. However, I see that it is $30. Can someone please let me know how this can be changed? Can someone please also look into the way my name was spelled on my account? It should be Oscar Ramirez not Oscer Ramirez.

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This is a customer forum Oscar, so no here can change your name. But I can probably tell you why your bill maybe different. You should have been TD this when you bought the phone. It's called proration. Because it's your first bill you get charged from the date of activation to the date of your bill date + one month. All phone companies charge a month in advance. Your next bill will be fine. You can look at the third page of your bill where the details are and you will see 2 entities for your plan for 2 different periods. That will help understanding the $30 you pay.
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Did you apply 10% no tab discount on the $30 plan? It might not kick in yet since you just set up your account. And you will need to call customer service *611 from your Koodo phone to change your name. Let them know the person who opened your account made misspelled your name. They will fix it for you. You can ask about your monthly charge too 🙂