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Problem with texting

  • 29 September 2013
  • 4 replies

I still have problems receiving text messages. I receive them 30 minutes late and the last time, it was hours after it has been sent. I already tried to remove the sim card and put it back but that doesn't work any more, and I do not have access to the battery. Any suggestion? I use a HTC One V prepaid.

4 replies

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Your phone probably needs a reset. If you tried the SIM removal already your next best bet is to call koodo.
One thing you can try, and I'm not saying it will work, is a factory reset. Make sure you back up your contacts first. It may work.
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try to force stop your messaging then do a sim pull/restart since the anntena is in the bottom of the htc, make sure that its not covered or working too hard to get service. back up your info to your gmail account - then do a factory reset if nothing else works. next best thing would be to go to koodo kiosk and send for repair if issue persists (1 year warranty to send phone for repair)
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maybe the reception in your area is not that good. try sending and receiving at starbucks or anywhere else and if it still does this. i suggest trying a factory reset as said above