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Problem with changing address

  • 8 September 2020
  • 3 replies

I tried to change my new address and searched it on serlf service but something pops up saying that “we have found an address matched for you” but it does not match my unit number. But there is no other option but I should choose among those two options poped up. They are not my address 

3 replies

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@Kyu Is it only the unit number that you can’t match? Otherwise everything else is fine? I see units from 1-85 at your address. Is it not one of those?

I can choose my unit number and when I hit Submit button, a popup comes up which says that “we think we have found address that matches to your address” showing only two units that are not mine. There is no option except choosing one of the two or cancelling changing address…..

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@Kyu Ok. Let us reach out to you tomorrow and confirm the unit.  I see one that was accepted,  I assume that is not yours.