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problem about about having a negative rating

I am a previous koodo subscriber and for some personal reason I have to switch over to different company and although its late I still paid in full amount of total to what I owe with you. It was just yesterday that I realized that despite paying, you still send a negative rating to my account in a credit agency. Is there any way I can have it removed since I didnt owe you anything and I think ive only have delayed payment for 1 or 2months. hoping for a response. thank you

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So, koodo told the credit agency that you paid your bill 1-2 months late, and you admit you paid your bill 1-2 months late... Not seeing why koodo needs to fix anything here.
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Every single company will report to a credit agency if you're more than 30 days late. Also, you paid it almost 2 months late; it's not like you were a day or two late. Last, the 'hit' to your credit score is so low it won't make a difference. I know we all want our perfect credit, but that comes with responsibility. I know I've been late, it happens.