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Prices of phones

While I love new technogy and gadgets the prices of phones are down right crazy. $1000 for an S7? Thats half a mortgage payment. I will always buy the older models for half the price. The other big companies dont use the tab system so you dont think about it you assume you only paid $500 for it but its built in your plan. Who here has no problem paying this much for a phone?

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You always get the phone you can afford, Koodo does attempt to make it more affordable with the tab plus, but the cost overall with it ends up being a lot more.

Personally, if I'd have the money, I would have no problem paying that much for a phone simply because I know I take good care of devices and they last me a while. Some people need to have the top of the line phone all the time, but most people don't and get a phone that fits their budget better. 
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If $1000 is half a mortgage payment, then spending that much on a phone isn't out of the realm of reason. It will last you a good 3-4 years with today's tech.

I don't buy such phones because $1000 is 3x my mortgage payment. There are many, many affordable options for phones, and these aren't crappy, entry-level phones either.
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It is getting too much, really. The exchange rate doesn't help of course. If the CAD continues its recovery, Samsung and Apple especially will have to reverse their price hikes instituted because of the falling CAD.

This is where many of the more reputable Chinese OEMs are coming into play here, along with Motorola (Lenovo now yes but they were doing the same thing before they got bought by Lenovo) by launching flagship, or "budget flagship" or "premium mid-tier" phones at prices far below the big name flagships. I'm hoping that the trend continues, and it would be nice to see Koodo et al bring in powerhouse flagships like the Xiaomi Mi 5 (400-500 CAD direct exchange rate), or Alcatel Idol 4s. The Moto X Play is a good start, IMO.