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Prepaid to postpaid promo questions

I got a text and email earlier this month on my prepaid phone telling me that if I switch to postpaid I would get $10 off per month for 12 months.  I have some questions related to this promo:

1) Can I get the $40 double data 1GB plan with this switch?
2) I currently also have a postpaid line, can I add this prepaid switch into that same account so I can have both lines together in the same account?  
3) And if I add this prepaid into my existing postpaid account, will I still get the bonus $10 credits this way?
4) Will I be credit-checked again if I were to move this line into my existing postpaid account?


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Here are my following answers. Some I am not so sure but I will tell you 1) I believe you can get whatever plan you want. There's never been a restriction 2) Yiu can add the two lines in one account for sure 3) I don't think you'll get the discount ok both. But not sure about that 4) Only one credit check is enough. The second one will not bring more information then the last. Hope it helps.
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The correct answers are:

1; Yes
2; Yes
3; Yes (only on the line you brought in from prepaid)
4; No

Hope this helps Andrew!
Thanks guys!