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Prepaid-Payment error, you withdraw my money 5 times.

I opened the account yesterday. I'm prepaid customer I login to website and followed the instruction. but in 7st process, I enter my card information and hit continue. However it doesn't work. But I needed it now so I tried 5 times. After that it works. But!!!!!! YOU WITHDRAW MY MONEY 5 TIMES. YOU WITHDRAW MY MONEY ABOUT 160$. what should I do?

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Call Koodo, 611, option 6 and ask them to refund your accidental payments 🙂
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Never use a bank account to sign up for automatic payment stuff.
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If that screenshot is correct, you might want to double-check which company you signed up with. PC Mobile and Koodo are not the same...
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Lol that's what I was think too. You have another company on there and koodo only hit you once by the look of it. I would suggest going to PC mobile and ask them for help 🙂