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Preferred name section?

I really wish there was a way for people to put in a preferred name.  Understandably, certain section like billing address must have your legal name, but for example, when the self-serve greets you or a bill is emailed to you, I really wish you could put a preferred name.  This would be great for people with nicknames they like better or people who are trans.

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I think it would be a great idea as well. But I'm sure it's a legal thing. It may not be and who knows. Maybe in the future it will happen.
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I doubt that this ever happens. If you really want to put in any name you want, go with Pre-Paid. On post-paid, they need to bill your legal name because it all affects credit ratings, you have financing and they need to be able to have real, legal names. 
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There's no reason koodo couldn't add a field for a nickname the system could call you. But yeah agree with Mathieu that the bill has to be in your legal name.
I already stated that obviously some sections require a legal name.  As ALSO already stated, I'm talking about sections where it's not required for legal purposes such as the self serve greeting and on the headers of emails.  If all three of the post-secondary institutions I attended as well as my current employer can ask for and use a preferred name, then so can Koodo.
Agree 100%. Take the mobile e-bill reminder emails for example. Mine says "Hi JEREMIAH". But that's not my name, it's just the expansion of my first initial.

My name is Kivi Shapiro, or J. Kivi Shapiro if I'm being formal. "Kivi Shapiro" is what it says on my credit card. If they want my full legal name to tie into my credit record that's up to them, but it's quite a different question from how they address me in a reminder email.

It's clear they're trying to be friendly. But the end result is quite the opposite. By failing to capture this one piece of information, Koodo comes across, quite frankly, as arrogant and obnoxious.