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Pre-Approved for second line?

I received a text saying I am pre-approved for another line on my account and I can get a moto g for $0 on small tab but when I log into my account and go to phones it tells me I have to pay off my current tab first which is at $129. Which is it? Do I need to pay my tab first or can I really get a second line for $0?

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Empty the cart Log into self serve Start by adding a phone and plan for the new line The system will ask you if you want to add a line to your account. This is different from a device upgrade. You're adding another phone and number onto your account.
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I read this a little differently. I think it means that you are mow pre-approved for adding another line/ 2nd line under your account. It can be your parent, kid or your partner. And s/he will have their own tab/ plan/phone number. Add : Whoops. Sorry Chad, I didn't read your whole answer. You are right 🙂