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Porting over - poor service

I just ported my spouse's phone over to Koodo this afternoon - they said it would take 2 hrs. But now he can't receive calls. I phone Koodo and wait on hold for 15 minutes only to be told they have to submit the request again and they can't tell me when my provider will complete the request. This is not great service. Plus they have no idea what 'Sasktel' is and I had to spell it! You think you could train your off shore support people to know the main cell providers in Canada, at least...not happy...(and yes, I rebooted the phone)

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Try restarting the device. Take out the sim and battery, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. If your porting over from SaskTel, theres a chance it may not work as SaskTel is not a port friendly carrier (for some weird reason).
Thanks but saying that you can't port from Sasktel is no help...
gary wrote:

Thanks but saying that you can't port from Sasktel is no help...

Sorry man I don't know what else to tell you. You might have to get a new number. Ive had problems with SaskTel and porting before and its a pain. I can tell you its not Koodo fault. This would happen with any other carrier.
Happy news - I finally phoned Sasktel this morning to ask for my account number (it is not displayed on their prepaid website and people had told me there is no acc# for Sasktel prepaid but they were wrong) and I called Koodo back to give them the acc#. They were able to complete the port.this afternoon.