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  • 31 January 2021
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Hi, I'm trying to port my # over from a Bell corporate line (just left my old company). I have authorization to do so, but my company just shut the line down and I'm not receiving my koodo sim until tomorrow. In the online porting instructions, it says you need to keep your old line active in order to receive an authorization sms, before switching to your new sim. Does that mean I can't port anymore because my old # isn't active anymore? 

Would really like to keep that old # since I've had it for over 10 years, and I thought I did all the right things to make it happen. Thanks all in advance for the help. 

4 replies

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You would need to port before the line is cancelled. You can actually port in now (before the SIM arrives) as long as you have a new account with Koodo. We just usually recommend you wait because it’s so much easier to port afterwards.

However if your company already shut down the line, I’m afraid not much can be done even now.  You can only port a number on an active line.

Thanks Sophia. Is it worth a try to see if it works? Ie will I just get an error message saying not possible? Or is there a chance it messes up my current assigned # from koodo and it burns my sim that I just paid for? 

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Oh absolutely, you can try and no harm done if it doesn’t succeed. Of course I’m hoping that it will :)

Thanks again!