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Port Reqeust Date

Can I make a future-dated port request from Koodo to my existing provider? If my provider would charge unacceptable penalties for ECF, can I later withdraw that port request?

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I don't know about future-dated port requests but if you ever want to port your number over to Koodo, you can just sign up with Koodo using the same phone number, telling them that you want to port your number. Don't cancel your line with your other provider or Koodo can't port your number. After signing up, the other line will be cancelled automatically and they'll issue you a final bill.
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Why dont you ask your currently provider about ECF, and when you have all the info, port when you are ready. Also note that your account must be active for the port to work so do not cancel your current account
Well, they told me that I would need to give 30 days prior notice for termination otherwise additional charges would apply. I want to future-date the port request and see what happens and how they would calculate my total penalty. I don't want any surprises. I've already signed up with Koodo but have not done a port request before.
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Roger wrote:

Well, they told me that I would need to give 30 days prior notice for termination otherwise addit...

If you give them 30 days notice you may risk not being able to port since the account is technically canceled. My advice is to give your notice. Then about 5 days prior to cancellation, try to port your number to Koodo. This should effectively cancel your current account for good. If it doesnt work since the account is technically already canceled, you can always go back to your provider and tell them you dont want to cancel and save your account and number. They you know that you have to bite on those 30 days