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Poor service

  • 30 September 2021
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i went to KOODO at St Laurent Shopping Centre Ottawa.  Oh boy, that  will be the last time I go there.  Husband wanted to upgrade phone.  I didnt have any idea to prove who I was.  He did.  We are both seniors, and I am waiting for knee replacement.  So the walk to into the mall was hard on the knee.  Anyway, she refused service to us both.   She was rude and told me it was policy.  I provided her with all the information she needed except for a piece of ID!  Why the heck would I be there trying to upgrade for anyone else! 

We found another KOODO/TELUS and guess what, wasnt asked for one piece if ID.  Didnt get a phone due to the one wanted was no where to be found.  Anyway, our entire family is with KOODO and we are seriously thinking if changing providers. 

Your customer service is really  bad!  I have been in customer service for 20 years.

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2 replies

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They 100% should ask for ID. This is a precaution as fraud is rampant. 

Assuming you were not rude yourself, then they 100% should not be rude. 

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Koodo reps and reps at all carriers afaik require a piece of photo ID to access accounts.

If they didn't verify who you were then you could get a new phone on someone else's account and get away without paying for it since the tab would be on their account, not yours.


I believe it falls under the Privacy Act since telecommunications are regulated by the government.