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Poor reception in Central Alberta, anyone else?

  • 22 July 2017
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I used to get good service East of Camrose and all over This area.  Now the service is practically non existent outside of Camrose
Does anyone else have this problem?

7 replies

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Hi Peggy,

Which phone do you have?
Do you have other members in your household that are experiencing the same issue?
When did you notice the drop in service?
Have you tried restarting your phone?
I have LG g4. Hubby has LG g3. We both have poor service and it used to be better!. I phoned kodoo a few months ago. She talked me through resetting my phone. She called a few days later and couldn't get through. Once in town I could pick up her message. She said to go in to koodo. The woman at the kiosk called koodo and talked to them for a long time. They gave me a new tiny card (sim?) No improvement. She also reset my phone. Last week I went in again. The fellow reset my phone. I showed my husband how to reset his. No improvement. The fellow asked if other people in the area have good service. Over the past week we asked a few people and they also had poor service. Some of them are also with koodo. The fellow mentioned some new device could be interfereing. We don't have new devices
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Try going into your settings and under the wireless settings tap on more - mobile networks - Network Mode and change it to WCDMA ONLY. see if that helps, the phone may be connecting to a weak LTE signal and when it drops its not connecting automatically to the slower but more reliable signal. Try this and let us know if that helps.
My phone still says no service.  My husband's phone has service today.  He changed the setting too, but is unsure if it is better.  He will pay attention to how it works today on the changed setting.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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Can you give us a better indication as to where you're located, Peggy? Closest intersection will do. There's a cell tower map online where I see a few TELUS towers in and around the Camrose, AB area. However, further east, along highways 13 and 26, there are no cell towers visible. A more precise location might help Koodo reps pinpoint the cell tower that services your area.

Take a look at the signal strength. When setting the phone to WCDMA Only, you should see at least three to four bars of signal strength. If you haven't already done so, try resetting the phones' network settings. Go to: Settings > Backup & reset - tap Network settings reset. Tap RESET SETTINGS > Tap Reset Settings again to confirm.
We are near Rosalind Alberta - Range Road 174 and Township Road 440

If those are unfamiliar, East of Highway 854 and about 13 km South of highway 13.

I mostly have no signal strength on WCDMA or on the previous setting.  Now and then I see one small bar, but even when that is there I can not call nor receive a call.

I tried the Reset settings and yes, that is what they reset when I went in and talked to them.

Thanks so much for answering!
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We are near Rosalind Alberta - Range Road 174 and Township Road 440

If those are unfamiliar, Eas...
You can see closest cell towers on the map at this site: http://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/cancellsites.html It looks like they have you surrounded!