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"Poll Everywhere" Costs

I am a teacher, and I plan to use "Poll Everywhere" as an interactive and educational method to interact cell phones and texting into my lessons. If students are texting their responses to a 5-digit number; will they be charged more than their standardized texting? In other words, will they be charged the same as if they were texting a friend or charged an extra free?

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That depends on the number they're texting. If Poll Anywhere charges a fee to use their service, then yes. If not, then no.
I have a free account. All they say is: "There is standard text messaging costs for participants, but this cost is nominal even if they lack a text messaging plan. For cases where people may be responding a lot over a long period of time (e.g. students), we recommend participants add an unlimited text messaging plan through the mobile phone provider. We've also found that many cellular plans already include basic text messaging for free and in some cases unlimited text messaging at no additional cost."
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Sounds like there wouldn't be any additional costs.
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It( outgoing messaging charges) would solely depend on each student's individual rate plan. I would suggest sending a note home with the students explaining what you intend to do and to be sure the child's rate plan includes sufficient messaging