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  • 15 March 2013
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I'm new to the community and just registered, so I want to be a brain so quickly, so I need to know how the points are calculated and when it is added to my account?

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3 replies

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welcome to the Forum Issa points are added as soon as you earn them. You earn points for many things including answering or asking questions, posting ideas for Koodo, praise as well as other things that give you badges which you also aquire points for. You have to answer questions correctly accurately and keep a positive tone and attitude while doing so. Do not mirror answers (copy answers) or answer questions that have already been answered. Have fun and be helpful.
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You'll find everything here: http://community.koodomobile.com/people/pointsandbadgesfaqs
Thank you for the clarification, you know, it is very interesting community, I registered within an a hour or so ago, and still just reading posting and answering, I'm so excited, I feel I'll be a daily member here!