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Please include the M/T rating under features for each device you offer.

The M/T rating is for hearing aid compatibility M: For reduced radio-frequency interference to enable acoustic coupling with hearing aids that don’t operate in telecoil mode T: For inductive coupling with hearing aids operating in telecoil mode I'm currently researching to determine which one I want to upgrade my S2x to and none of your phones have this rating listed. I hoping to find the one for the Note 2. It's hard to find on the net however, after sleuthing for quite some time on the internet, so far, I've only discovered; S4 mini M4/4 S4 M4 only S3 M4/4 Iphone 5 M3/M4 (cdma model is an M4/T4) Iphone 4 (cdma model) M4/T4 iPhone 4 (GSM model) with Hearing Aid Mode M4/T4 I'm not certain if the Iphones listed here are the ones offered by Koodo but I hope this helps anyone who have been looking for this information to help factor in which to get. 🙂 I'm still undecided as I had my hopes set on the Note for it's tablet-like style since I do a lot of art and reading on my cell for work.

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You could call up the manufacturer and find out this information.
I've emailed the Samsung website for the info Kane. Waiting on a reply. *cue ticking clock*
Here's the list for HTC phones if you're planning to buy an unlocked phone. http://www.htc.com/us/accessibility/hearing-aid-compatibility/
Although it's via American providers, it is very useful to view and compare. Thank you for the link Peter 🙂