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Please Help, speaker issue

Hi,I have a Samsong Galaxy Ace ll,,When having a phone conversation i am not able to hear the person unless I put them on speaker,,any advice please?

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I get people in the store with this problem all the time. It's usually because the speaker is blown or shorted out. You'd have to have this checked to know for sure though. There's really no fix for it. Well, at least no cheap fix considering the worth of the phone. As far as I know the 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty won't cover that, but it's honestly worth a shot. That is, if you're within the first year. Or if you happened to get some form of Device Protection, you may be able to take it right in where you got it and have them take a look and possibly get it replaced. Sorry!
Thank you for your help,,I can hear conversation if I put it on speaker and I can hear my music just fine,,does that make sense?
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Yeah. When you put your phone on speaker it uses the main speaker. (The one for ringtones, sounds and music) It's the small ear speaker in the top of the screen that's the problem.
Oh,,thank you very much,,,I guess a new phone it is than,,LOL