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Please Help!! One confused customer here.

Awhile back I put my daughter on my plan. I have 2GB and she has 1GB. In the past my usage data would go to zero shortly after my payment. Have the dates between usage changed? Also what happens if my daughter goes over her 1GB? I'm really confused here. Please HELP!!

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Payment date and billing cycle date are two different things since there is a delay between when you start a new billing cycle (data cycle) and when you have to pay. Go into your self serve or view your detailed ebill to view your billing cycle. You can also go to Usage in self serve and it will tell you how many days are left until the next billing cycle
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Also for what happens if your daughter goes over 1gb, you will have to pay for the overage which varies from plans. You should be able to check the how much the overage is under her plan in self serve.