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Please change the wording on "bonus gifts" in the phone section of the website. It is negatively affecting our customers' experience.

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I've seen this happen a few times now: customer sees "X bonus.gift" on a particular phone on the website but buys it from Mobile Shop if there's a higher.gift card offer. Then either on Redflagdeals or through word of mouth or something, they think they will get both because the website states "at participating Koodo Shops OR retail partner locations". This is very misleading. It should read something like .gift card offer may vary between Koodo shops and retail partner locations. See store for details" or something like that because I just saw another topic asking why the customer didn't get both...

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Hear Hear!
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Or just say "at participating Koodo Shops". Retail partners have their own bonus.gift when they offering it 🙂