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Please Allow Plan + SIM Order and Checkout (with no phone) on the Koodo Website

Please support the option of ordering a plan + SIM card with no phone on the Koodo website. I am currently working up north (This is important: I cannot visit a physical store location!) and I wish to order a SIM card + subscribe to one of the promotional plans that will be ending soon. Attempting to place this order online results in an error stating that I must add a phone to my shopping cart..... I don't want/need a phone - that is why I am ordering only the SIM card! After calling Koodo and spending about 25 min of the 30 min phone call on hold, no solution was offered. At this point I have decided I will order a phone, pull the SIM card from the package, and then return the phone. This obviously creates a hassle for me, an unnecessary hardware return for Koodo and is ultimately a lose lose for all parties involved.

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Thomas just order a SIM card without a plan. If you are already with koodo then just change your plan on their website.
Thanks for the reply Rory. The reason I wish to order the plan is so that I can lock in the promotion before it expires on May 1, 2013. By ordering just a SIM, I will not have the plan associated with my account. I would not likely receive the SIM until after the promotion expires.
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Essentially you're asking for a SIM only activation online. I support the idea. I don't see any reason why Koodo wouldn't do it but logistically speaking, incurring shipping charges for a measly little SIM card seems a bit much, no? That's why they usually come free with a phone.
Exactly that - SIM only activation online. Great way to describe it. You can already order just a SIM card online (tho you do incur a $5 shipping charge. Shipping is only free on orders > $50). So the fulfillment process is already in place. All that is needed now is the ability to pair this order with a plan activation.