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Pixel 2 Pre-Order Shipping Delay

I pre-ordered the Pixel 2 'kinda blue' on October 9th which was to be shipped and confirmed no later than October 19th. I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet. Clearly there has been a delay, but was not informed about it. How long until these are actually shipped?

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Hi - there's a delay for Pixel 2 in blue. We have not yet received any stock, so we are offering customers the black version if you prefer not to wait. The blue one will take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered to our warehouse. If you'd like to switch, let us know.
I have a hard time believing that this information wasnt known by koodo when i placed the order and i feel misled. The delivery time is now 3x longer than what koodo committed to and advertised publicly. I dont expect koodo to have control over vendors but i do expect honesty and as a long time customer i dont feel like im received that.
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I can understand your disappointment, especially given the excitement that comes with waiting for a new phone. Your order was placed on October 10, and we had no indication that there would be inventory constraints at that time. I’m fairly confident that all carriers will be running into this issue at the moment.If you still prefer to wait, that’s totally fine. But if you’d like to switch colours and get it sooner, let us know.