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my phone will not charge and now it is dead and will not turn on, I have cleaned the charger and the battery as well as the sd card no luck, I then tried two other batteries of the same kind once again no luck and when it was on and plugged in no charging icon came up

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Assuming I know what the question is, give Koodo a call to see what your warranty is. Based on that, they can make a judgement what can be done about the phone. Either sending it way for repair (in warranty is free, outside warranty has a fee), getting a new phone, or processing a priority replacement (in warranty as well). The priority replacement has a fee of $25. If you send the phone for repair, there is a $150 FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit for a smartphone unless you have another phone to use in the meantime.
your phone seems to be defective. If it still under warranty please visit a koodo kiosk and they will send it for repair
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Did you clean the usb port on the phone? Maybe only the charger is defective? Did you try using that charger on another device?
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Try slowly and slightly moving the Micro USB connector (charger end while in the phone) one way or the other (towards the front of the phone then towards the back of the ohone) and hold it in that position each time when it's plugged into the phone, if it connects and starts charging and then when you let go it stops charging again then it's your USB connection port. You can try using a different charger if you have one and it may work but if it doesn't you'll have to send it to be repaired. If this is the case you will have to pay for the repair as its considered physical damage usually caused by using the phone while it's plugged in and putting stress on the connection. Just a heads up - This can happen even more easily if one uses those 3rd party chargers for your car that are coiled to spring back as it puts tension on the connection very very easily, that's why it's always suggested to never use accessories that are not built by the manufacturer of your device. I strongly recommend to never use coiled charging cables.