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PIncher Creek, AB needs a Koodo facility

Pincher Creek AB is 120 miles round trip to Lethbridge, where the only service center is located. Here in Pincher Creek, we have an excellent resource: Bev Bruder, The Phone Lady, at the Telus store has a wonderful background in service -- extremely good service. I had a problem with my Koodo phone. I traveled to Lethbridge and received very limited help. I returned to Pincher Creek where Bev spent almost one hour helping me, no charge, no benefit to her. She solved my problem. I know she would be an excellent Koodo representative right here in Pincher Creek. Please, if you support this idea, let Koodo know. And -- Koodo: please allow Bev to have your facility here. I know she would love to be a Koodo representative, I have asked her!

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Yes please! I have traveled to lethbridge the 120 km at least multiple times for koodo. It would be very good to have a rep here in pincher. Lately I have had many issues with my phone and I have a full time job and cannot get to lethbridge. Please!!