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pin code for account verification.

also i set up my koodo account thru superstore and they have set up a pin for me. I was never told my pin # and every time i call customer service they ask me for that and i tell them i do not know it and they refuse to verify the account any other way. so in essence i am get limited service. is there a way i can find out what this pin number is? i have looked thru all my paper work to find it but nothing.

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As long as you are the account owner, you can verify the account without the pin.
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Which location was this so I can follow up with their manager? The customer always chooses their own PIN and it is very important that the staff disclose that to you instead of putting in the default 1234 to hurry the sale through. Lemme guess: they didn't explain your pro rated first bill either? 😕 The store contact information is in the top left hand corner of your receipt. Call them and make sure you get your PIN#... But as Mike said, you can always confirm other personal details to verify who you are.
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Hi Cujo, Call in to our customer service at 1-866-995-6636, tell them about what happened and say that you are willing to provide information to reset you pin. They may ask your drivers licence number, etc.