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Picture text with CDMA?

I have recently purchased a Samsung Intensity (U-450) which runs on Manitoba's CDMA network. Is was the best of the worst choices for me, since CDMA is the only signal type in my area. I was hoping to be able to text and picture message (something I need to do with my work) as well as browse the internet, but none of those capabilities seems to be functional. Is the network not set up for those functions, or is my phone not configured properly? When I went to set the phone up, I was unable to via the internet and actually had to get a Koodo rep help me register it. Yes, I know its an old phone, but like I said, CDMA was the only option.

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I'm assuming this is an old koodo phone sooo. You need to reprogram it Follow the instructions provided here http://koodomobile.com/en/on/programming_instructions.shtml Then if it still doesn't work, call koodo and be sure your Internet access isn't blocked.
Dialed the activation number, get a recording from MTS Mobility saying the call cannot be completed as dialed. Same for the second Activation numbers.
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Is this a Koodo Phone? Are you seeing Koodo or Telus as the carrier on the phone? If not you'll not be able to reprogram it until you're in a Native Telus / Koodo Area
Koodo. Where would native Koodo territory be? I'm not considered roaming right now (or at least, I don't think)
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I suspect that the problem may be due to the network sharing agreement with MTS. I'm not sure cdma data works in MB outside of Winnipeg. Does the phone have any indicators showing 1x, EvDO or EDGE? (These would be the equivalent of the 3G/4G indicators on an HSPA phone).
My phone says 1x on it. Didn't really understand what it meant though. I know if I go 10km west, I'll pick up an EDGE tower in Sk.