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Picked the wrong plan when i placed and order in for a phone

hi i ordered a new phone today a galaxy grand prime. Never been a customer before so i am new. Well i ended up picking the wrong plan i wanted canada wide talk for 35 s month since i got fam in NS and Ontario. i accidently picked the wrong plan. Havent gotten my phone yet only the order comfirmation. was wondering if i can change it to the 35 plan before its too late. or is it to late 😞 i am also scared to call in because my sister told me there is a 10 dollar fee to change my plan if i call in -.-

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Hi Justin,
Yes you can change your rate plan by calling customer service, they can waive the $10 fee. Just state that it was a mistake and that you cannot change your rate plan until 14 days has passed in self-serve and by that time the offer may have expired.
Hope this helps and congrats on joining Koodo.
thank you ill call them first thing in morning 🙂 fingers crossed they wave the fee ty for ur reply i appreciate it