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Phone slowed rihht down after doing last update LGQ70

  • 13 October 2020
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I have the LGq70 phone for only a few months and last month did the update for it and it got so slow and apparently there is no way to reverse the update. I think I have a lemon what can I do? I have already contacted lg directly and they where no help.


Best answer by Robert T 13 October 2020, 23:40

The question is : DID you factory reset the phone or not? 

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6 replies

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Have you tried factory resetting your phone? What did LG suggest?

All they said was to factory reset, but the phone was kinda slow from the very beginning. I just want to contact Koodo to see about warranty but can't find an email for them. I think I just got a lemon.

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See Software Upgrade Assistant in the following link https://www.verizon.com/support/lg-q70-update/

You can connect your device to a computer with Internet access using a USB cable, then download the “Software Upgrade Assistant” tool to your computer, which will check for software updates and initiate the software update process. 

If the update fails to install, please refer to the Software Repair Assistant for further assistance.

Hope that this will help you recover from the failed update.

The update did not fail to the best of my knowledge, it's just right after has mad my phone very slow.

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Try freeing up storage space by going to Settings > Storage. Tap “Free up space” then choose a category to see unnecessary items you can delete to free up space. Go back to the previous menu and look at the list to see if there any apps you haven’t used in a while and uninstall/delete them. Store pictures and videos to your SD card, (if applicable). If using a live wallpaper, consider using a static wallpaper to save resources. 

If the above fails to yield any results and you decide to send your phone in for warranty repair, remember to remove your SIM card and SD card, (if applicable). Backup the contents of your device, then erase all of your info (e.g. texts, images, ringtones, contacts, etc.) from any phone you return to Koodo.

Koodo warranty and repair policy

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The question is : DID you factory reset the phone or not?